What is The Stable Market?

The Stable Market is a customized online consignment shop built just for equestrians.

How do I get started?

First you create an account by either entering your information or simply connecting with your Facebook account. Once your account is created, you can shop in the sellers' tack trunks or list to sell some of your items in your own tack trunk.

Listing items is easy! In just a few clicks, you will have all of your listed merchandise in your own tack trunk.

You can also like, share and comment on products on The Stable Market. The more you network, the more exposure your tack trunk will receive.
How do I sell on The Stable Market?

Simply click on your tack trunk or the "sell" button and add photos, a description and price. It takes just a few clicks.

How do I sell items faster?

Make sure you have a good lighting and an appealing photo for your potential customers. Be sure to pay attention to the background. You want to make your listing as enticing as possible. Some Stable Marketers even use their own horse to model the products. All users are held responsible for the images they post. Do NOT use images that you do NOT have the rights to.

How do I ship my sold items?

Go to your email and print the shipping label, pack up you item, tape the label to the package and take to any U.S. Post Office for shipping. If your buyer wishes to have the item shipped via FedEx or UPS it is your responsibility to add in the proper shipping amount.

If you do not receive your shipping label via email, you can print it from the "sold items" page.

What is a featured item?

We also have a featured-item option. It costs $9.99 to list your item in the featured item section of our site for a two-week period. Your item will be visible on The Stable Market's browser and also when customers click on specific items. For example, if you feature a pair of breeches, your item will be visible on The Stable Market's 'browse and shop' page as well as when someone searches other items. Your item will be placed at the top of The Stable Market's "browse and shop" page and will give your item maximum exposure. We have also included arrows for customers to browse through our featured item area.

Are there fees for using The Stable Market?

You do not pay anything until your item is sold. When your item sells, we only charge 10% of your total sale. Tired of paying brick-and-mortar consignment shops 30% or even 40% of the sale price? Then The Stable Market is the perfect choice for you!

Is The Stable Market only in the United States?

No, we are a worldwide online consignment shop.

How do I change my user name?

Simply go to the edit profile option to change your user name.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, in the settings section there is a "delete account" option. You can email us if you are having any problems deleting your account.

Is The Stable Market trustworthy?

Yes, we back our customers 100% and keep all of your information protected and secured.

How do I calculate shipping?

The Stable Market has an automatic system that generates shipping labels after items are sold and payment is made. After an item sells, just pack the item, tape on the label, and take the package to the nearest United States Post Office. Please be sure to pack the items carefully if they are fragile.

What if I never receive my order?

Contact us via email and we will work to resolve the problem.

When will my order arrive?

You can expect your items within 1-2 weeks depending, on the address and type of postage paid. We recommend Priority Mail

I got my order what next?

After you receive your order, please give your fellow Stable Marketer a star rating. Sellers love to hear back from buyers, and it is nice to let them know you love your new item. Ratings do not count against the seller unless it is determined the transaction was unethical or fraudulent. Such determinations will be made by The Stable Market.

What can I sell on The Stable Market?

You can sell anything related to the equestrian world on The Stable Market. We allow new or used products. Be sure your photos and descriptions are accurate, and any defects are noted. TSM does advise against the reselling of used helmets.

Can The Stable Market ban me from the site?

Yes, if a Seller does anything fraudulent or sells items not as described, The Stable Market reserves the right to ban that Seller. In any unethical issue we reserve the right to ban users.

What is The Stable Markets return policy?

On the Stable Market all sales are final. We want everyone to be happy with our services so we do encourage you to contact the seller if the item was not as described and let us know about this issue.

What happens if the item I receive is not as described?

We ask to see photos of the product when it was for sale and when you receive it. Our employees will look over the documents and come to a conclusion. You will be notified via email once we come to a consciencious.

Do you support international shipping?

Yes, we are a global company.

What kind of boxes should I use?

You can pick up Priority Mail

What should I do if someone wants me to take my transaction off The Stable Market?

This is prohibited and you should contact The Stable Market Customer Service immediately. Such transactions can result in the individual or individuals being banned from The Stable Market.

What if my questions is not on FAQs?

Simply email us at info@thestablemarket.com

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